Private Investigator

Bruce Currie

M:  027 844 1349

Bruce's background


Bruce joined the New Zealand Police in 1975 and soon transferred  to the Criminal Investigation Branch where he spent the most of the next 25 years. At the time of his retirement in 1999, he had achieved the rank of Detective Senior Sergeant and was in charge of all serious crime investigations for the Waikato Rural Police District.


During the course of his Police career, Bruce was involved in over 70 successful homicide enquiries. These included the investigation into the death of British tourist Marjorie Hopegood in Hamilton and many other high profile cases.


Bruce was also the Officer in Charge of the Police operation into the escape of 4 high profile prisoners from Pareremoremo Prison which was conducted in the Tairua area and gained both national and international media attention.


During the 1990’s Bruce was the Officer in charge of the Waikato Drug squad, responsible for the cannabis recovery and covert drug operations run throughout the region.


Since 2001, Bruce has operated his own private investigation practice servicing the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions.


His Police background has been used by many legal practitioners to unravel cases against their clients, interview potential defence witnesses and brief them for court.


In 2015 Bruce was the lead investigator for the Defence in the Cissy Chen murder trial in Auckland where her husband was found not guilty of her murder.


In summary, Bruce is a highly experienced investigator who is able to provide sound advice at competitive rates.

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